How To Make Money Selling The Lanbena Teeth Whitener

How To Make Money Selling The Lanbena Teeth Whitener

The Lanbena teeth whitener is one of the newest, and most popular tooth whitening product in the market, currently.

It is also one of the hottest, and we even have an article on it’s review, and how to use it.

On our store alone, the Lanbena teeth whitener has sold more than 3,000 units, and that was in less than 4 months of launching the business.
So what does this mean? There’s much potential, and we all could make money together.

There are a lot of people with coffee, smoking, drugs and a lot of stains from other substances, making this product their only way of escape.
Of course, there are dentists here and there, but how many people can afford them? And who wouldn’t go for a home solution that is twice as effective?

So what am I talking about?

You, your friends and even I can be making a lot of money together, marketing the Lanbena teeth whitening essence!
Yes, we will give it to you at a whole discount price, and you make lots of money yourself.

Whether you’re an individual, or a supermarket owner, or even a religious leader (or anyone else with influence), you can sell the products to your friends, families, colleagues and anyone else, and make good money.

What is the wholesale rate like?

The Lanbena teeth whitener on our store cost ₦3,500, with a ₦700 delivery charge if we’ll be sending it to you, as a normal customer.

We however don’t buy it at that rate, and are willing to make a discount for everyone purchasing it wholesale (we take orders above 5 as that).

If you’re buying anything above 5 units, we’ll be selling them to you at only ₦2,900 per unit with free delivery nationwide!
Yes, sweet right? You’ll be purchasing 5 units of the Lanbena teeth whitener for ₦14,500 only, instead of ₦21,000 (if we’re to add the individual delivery charges.

No other dealer would give it to you at that rate!

To get started as a wholesaler, kindly fill this form.

Please enter your email, so we can follow up with you.

We take a minimum of 5 days to process wholesale orders, depending on your quantity.
This is to help us give you the premium services you deserve, you’re all kings and queens!
Jump to our contact page immediately, and let’s make this money together.

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